Electronic Book Rental


Online Book Rental Software System  v.Alpha

Online Book Rental Software system provides open attribute architecture, it is a unique book store script which can be easily customized for book rental business industry.

SD-Book  v.1.1

SD-Book v1.1 is an easy to use and generic electronic book publishing system that can be used to easily create and publish manuals, tutorials, stories or other electronic media for either online or offline use.


Arafasoft E-Book Creator  v.1 21

Arafasoft E-Book Creator is easy tool to create an Electronic book. You can create a Self-Executable e-Books with one click. Arafasoft E-Book Workshop converts HTML, files into stand-alone, compressed and encrypted e-Books, Helps or Presentations.

Adobe Digital Editions Preview  v.1. 8. 2001

Adobe Digital Editions 1.8 Preview is an update to the popular Digital Editions electronic book reader that adds support for accessibility.

Alive Note Manager  v.

This program is an electronic book of entries and notes that lets you record tasks, events and notes, and keep a diary. You can search, print out,

BookReader  v.4 6

BookReader 4.6 is an electronic book reader. It reformats text documents and represents them on the screen with the settings of your choice.

Wisdom of the Ages++  v.5. 3. 2001

WISDOM OF THE AGES is an electronic book of quotes, sayings and ideas. It gives easy access to timeless knowledge from over 1,000 of history's greatest American, European and Asian minds.

My Ebook Library  v.1.0.2

My Ebook Library is a free desktop application for organising and cataloguing your electronic book collection. It supports the most popular Ebook extensions: PDF, CHM, LIT, DOC, HTM, HTML, RTF, TXT, DJV, DJVU, PDB, PRC.

Starpath Elibra Reader  v.2 3

Elibra is the Starpath Publications electronic book program - a library of electronic media, unique new ebook reader, and a very convenient ebook registration procedure.

4Media HTML to EPUB Converter  v.

4Media HTML to EPUB Converter seamlessly transforms your web pages and any other HTM or HTML file into an electronic book according to the EPUB standard.

Animated Intro to Photoshop Elements  v.5 5

This electronic book for Photoshop Elements users is packed 76 movies that tell and show you around the program. This video-book is intended for users of Adobe Photoshop Elements - this 'light' version of Photoshop.

Easy-KeyMerger  v.2. 8. 2003

Easy-KeyMerger is an automation tool which handles documents. The Easy-Key programs are designed specifically for members of Wycliffe Associates (UK) to use in keyboarding for the Worldwide Electronic Book & Bible Service (WEBBS).

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